Apr 7, 2014

Get creative and enter our "Path Loot" contest and win a set of custom Path Coasters!

posted by Anhrez

Not all of us will be making it to PAX East to meet the devs, see some amazing CosPlay, play the game without beta weekend limitations and (my favorite activity) accumulate some amazing loot from the game we are all passionate following. Arawulf will be on site covering the event for WildStar Fans along with many other visible community people that we can vicariously experience PAX East through. I expect great Vines, images, tweets, articles, podcasts, videos and any other technically available option to share the excitement and the fun of WildStar with all of us at home, but...

The is no real way to replace the swag and other loot they'll be able to grab! Besides grabbing the daily PAX bags and swiping things from other booths there will be shirts and other WildStar logo loot along with the fluffy awesomeness of the Rowsdower plushie. So be checking with your friends who might be on site to make sure that they are well stocked with currency.

As a true Econ Pvper it pains me not to be there for many of reasons.

More about our contest after the jump!

Seeing a game at a gaming conference adds something
Learning about something you have followed a long time is exciting, but doing surrounded by other crazed fans, with Cosplayers walking around in the pomp and circumstance of a big booth is just different. If you have never gotten a chance to try it out I hope some day you can, as it really adds some exciting flavor to gaming.

The game and the dev team has grown a lot since PAX Prime
I have enjoyed playing the game since I have had access, but over the last 6 months the amount of polish, and fine tuning has been accelerating at an amazing rate. Features that were only talked about in light whispers are now accessible for the masses. The game, it's community and and the team continues to grow.

The community will be there in force
It's tough to express my disappointment on missing out on so many community people whom I trade, tweets, emails, Skypes and gaming based 'jabs' with. It's like a rock concerns with all my favorite bands are having a weekend festival and the only thing I can do to feel apart of it is play their records at home and hope for updates from the concert. This is why I sure hope Carbine thinks seriously on another community event specific to their game and their community.

Okay, enough whining about what I can't do ....let's talk about what the rest of us can do!

I am fortunate to have 4 Path coasters that I am willing to split up and award as prizes to the creative followers of WildStarFans.net! (I know I know it's not as sexy as a plushie but I don't have Scooter's marketing budget!) 

What do you need to do to win a limited edition path coaster? I'm glad you asked! To win, you need to put on your thinking cap, get those creative juices flowing and invent something - create something that someone with your favorite path might use. What items does your character leverage in their path? What tools, items, potions, etc does your character need to be successful in your chose path? Create a non-weapon item that someone might use to advance in their path.

Just the path of your entry ... pins not included as they are worth 5X their weight in platinum

How about a high-tech oil can for your scanbot? Or, how about a pair extra soft/air-freshening Protostar in-soles for your explorin' boots? The sky is the limit!

Create an original (non weapon) path item along with any supporting images, jingles, product manuals, etc and submit to us by Saturday, April 19th 2014 at 11:59PM EST. 

Send all your awesome creativeness to nexuswelcomecenter@gmail.com  By adding more options than an image to explain and highlight your idea we want to encourage everyone with a creative streak to enter the contest.

We can't wait to see your entries, and good luck!