Mar 23, 2014

WildStar Raid Set Gallery

Here's a very early peek at some of the WildStar raiding sets that are currently in the beta. These sets were researched from the current client by LemonKing.

Be sure to join the discussion about this set on the WildStar Subreddit, or feel free to comment here! (Yes, the Warrior sets are my favorite!)

Note: The game is three months from launch, so this list is far from complete or final.

Engineer Raid 001
Engineer Raid 001A
Engineer Raid 001B
Engineer Raid 002
Engineer Raid 002A
More sets after the jump!

Engineer Raid 002B
Esper Raid 001 Focal
Esper Raid 002
Esper Raid 002A
Esper Raid 002B
Medic Raid 001
Medic Raid 001A
Medic Raid 001B
Medic Raid 002
Medic Raid 002A
Medic Raid 002B
Spellslinger Raid 001
Spellslinger Raid 001A
Spellslinger Raid 001B
Spellslinger Raid 002
Spellslinger Raid 002A
Spellslinger Raid 002B
Stalker Raid 001
Stalker Raid 001A
Stalker Raid 001B
Stalker Raid 002
Stalker Raid 002A
Stalker Raid 002B
Warrior Raid 001
Warrior Raid 002
Warrior Raid 002A
Warrior Raid 002B
Warrior Raid 003

Source: Imgur