Jun 25, 2013

WildStar composer reveals official Aurin and Exile theme arrangement (UPDATED)

"A Story of Hope and Healing" is the official theme for the Aurin race in WildStar. The tune was just revealed by composer, Jeff Kurtenacker, on his SoundCloud page. Jeff describes the new theme:
This is the beautiful, vulnerable, and hopeful theme of the Aurin in the upcoming MMO WildStar by Carbine Studios. This theme tells the Aurin's story of losing their home world, starting over, and rising above challenges to forge a better life for themselves.
You can listen to the new Aurin theme right here.

UPDATE: Jeff has since uploaded an arrangement of the Exile theme as well! The tune is entitled "War Will Come" and Jeff describes the theme as follows:
This is a sweeping, more emotional arrangement of the strong and bold Exile theme from Carbine Studios' WildStar. This music plays in Exile strongholds where they are preparing for battle, and emotionally bracing themselves for the fact that they may never return home from battle.
Check it the the new Exile theme arrangement here!  

UPDATE: (Jeff Tweeted a clarification that that there is another version of the Exile "main" theme in the works that we will hear in the near future.)

For more of Jeff's official WildStar music, click the pic for his SoundCloud page
Speaking of Jeff, be sure to check out his appearance on the Battle Bards podcast. Don't forget to follow him on Twitter at @JeffKurtenacker as well.