Jun 26, 2013

WildStar Bucks: What a difference a few sentences can make

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Ok, I know part of my charismatic charm is my love of taking one to two sentences and spinning wild and wholly unsubstantial claims about Wildstar. So well here we go with a charm attack!!!

While some players await the next 'EPIC DROP' WildStar Wednesday while lamenting that a previous Wednesday may have seemed light on new info, I have felt quite the opposite for us Crafters and Econ players. The most obvious 'Nom Nom' was from our favorite evil leader of the Nexus Federal Reserve, Charles “Bull” Durham, that was meant to cover a few questions from the community about gold leaks but so much more was to be found. Bull gave us info on the current direction of social mechanisms for the crafting 1%, Carbine's ongoing thoughts related to in-game lotteries and gambling, and some other tidbits that must be re-read a few times to really get their overall impact.

Do you know one thing all Econ PvP’ers need to know across any and all games? Well yes math … what else?

We need to know about our targeted goal of choice.

See that little digit location all the way to the left? that my friends is our goal!!
Econ Pvp’ers want to control their own fates by being wealthy in game and I like bits of fiscal lore to help my immersion. From this weeks Planet Nexus Podcast we know even solid players like Arawulf face fiscal challenges from time to time, so its our job to be there to help out our friends, guild mates, marks and the other suckers on the server that need gold and platinum to get through the day!

Our resident Wildstar-Central info angel, CRB_Gortok, took pity on the crafting starving masses and dropped a info bomb that has spawned as many questions as its answered (the best type of info bomb, in my opinion.)
Actually some really interesting ideas here. We have some BOP/BoE trickery planned. We want BoE versions of everything craftable, but you may have to have the right talent to do get it. I like the idea of decaying potions. Keep em coming. 
Ok … so what does this mean to you all? Its means a lot to me (but you know my tendencies to trend toward the improbable) Could this mean some of the chips that are created or looted are BOP and that if they are extracted by the owner would the items carcass (there are better terms but you all know what I mean) revert to BOE? Could the chips have their own ‘BOP/BOE’ tendencies that carry through to the entire item? Here's a quote from the Gaffer from a recent interview.
(Oh, for those who aren’t all UO-y (Ultima Online), my familiarity comes from being lead prog on UO2 as well as playing) – a big market of rare items kind of emergently developed in UO. Mostly this was all based around bugs and glitches to start – you could pick up a grass tile that wasn't nailed down if you hustled over to the right spot after a server reboot, or items that were once available and then left the game. 
This was also pushed to the UDSP team as my question to them this week. Unindel’s dissection of it was where I am also (get that play on words? no? well his website is Dissecting Design … well not very witty when I have to explain it I guess)

Does Gaffney’s comments mean that we'll see limited event items that only drop during festivals, etc. for past MMORPG’s or more creative things like we saw in UO? Can you imagine that as players do quests in the outer rim that their efforts could cause items to re-enter the Nexus atmosphere as debris that would then create random environmental telegraphs?  What if on rare .. rare occasions there was a small piece left of the impacting item that would be awesome for your house?   Unlike Scott from UDSP, I am not looking only for balance destroying rare weapons and armors (though I bet they would sell well) but I am leaning more towards Unindel’s point of view of very rare cosmetic items that are able to be used as bragging rights. (what we saw with some of the UO items I think Gaffney was referencing)

Well those are my thoughts on the amazing amount of info we received last week.  Remember Wildstar Wednesday is just one part of the overall info we are getting about Wildstar weekly. A smart Econ PvP’er never allows themselves to become to dependent on any one source of income or information!!!!
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