Jun 11, 2013

WildStar Bucks: Mods for the Econ PvP'er

WildStar Bucks is our weekly column by the "Econ PvP'er" himself, Anhrez. His weekly topics will cover anything and everything Econ in Wildstar. Be prepared for ideas from outer space! Be sure to check out the latest Nexus Weekly podcast for even more Anhrez!

So we all received a ‘taste’ of how Wildstar will do mods over the last few weeks. Gaffney has mentioned the creation of several mods by the closed beta community (does it make me petty to at least hope that they are all at least ugly people?) and we received a lot of bits and pieces about Houston (WildStar's modding program) in various updates.

So what do we think we know about mods and Wildstar?

  • Curse party at PAX East – To me this means that they are working closely with a group of people who known for mod locations
  • Gaffney talks compensation – Some great mods must have been created already or the interest in creating them has Carbine thinking that it will be huge
  • Carbine encourages their staff to experiment with mods
  • There are a lot of technically skilled people at Wildstar-Central and the threads are active about mod creation

When I think of Econ PvP and mods a few jump directly into my mind, I will list a few out and if I miss any please please drop your thoughts into the comments. We need to bribe, cajole and/or blackmail some of the nerd herd to get us all hooked up before launch.
Auctioneer - No-brainer right? If you are a money-grubbing, AH manipulating, take no prisoners Econ PvP’er you need something to help manage all the opportunities you have in play. We are fortunate that there has been some really good examples.

Gatherer – We do not know much about gathering as of yet in Wildstar. Will we gather everything? Will we be limited? We know that it will be ‘active’ as monsters and such can spawn on occasion.

Some sort of better mail management tool – I mail a lot. I plan on winning a lot of Auctions as clueless players undercut prices on the wrong day of the week and I steal their items for a fraction of what I can sell later. These efforts create a ridiculous amount of mail to manage. Having something like Postal (seen below) will be a huge help to players like me.

Carbine has mentioned that they have some great video’s that they use internally, and there has been talk that the community could have some access to something to help bring along the communities skills in modding Wildstar.

Can I make my fortune in Wildstar without these mods? Hell yes….but I see me making it faster leaving me more time to play to the other cool features of this game I am following.

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