May 19, 2013

Planet Nexus Podcast Ep. 11 - Round 2 DING!

We're back! Last week we were all set to record, then a huge info dump hit the WildStar community. We realized the stuff we had prepared wasn't nearly as epic as much of what was released. We took a couple days, reviewed all of the new details and still realized that a single podcast would struggle to capture all of the good stuff that we were shown.

Alas, Jay and I did our best to cover what we thought were the highlights and still struggled to keep the podcast under one hour. 

In this episode we cover the recent mystery poster, CB2 patch notes, movement in MMO's, contested servers, your community questions and more!

2:09 News
3:50 Nexus Weekly Shout-Out
4:50 Whitevale and contested zones
11:50 Movement in MMO’s/Fighting on Cliffs
16:12 Redacted Class in DevSpeak Vid?
18:00 Patch Notes Discussion
52:43 Mystery Facebook Picture Speculation
56:30 Community Charity Event

CBT 2 Patch Notes
Nexus Weekly Episode 20
IGN "Up at Noon" Gaffney Interview
DevSpeak Movement
Bill Murphy "Why Movement Matters"
Redacted Class In DevSpeak Vid
Mystery Facebook Picture
WildStar Charity Event Donation Page