May 1, 2013

Planet Nexus Podcast - Episode 9: PvP Stats and Tin-Foil Hats

In this episode of the PNP, Mike and Jay dive into some heavy WildStar topics such as Dungeons, Telegraphs and PvP only Stats.

We're also opening up a new segment featuring your questions! If you have a question or topic you would like for Jay and I to discuss, leave it in the comments here at WildStar Fans or on our YouTube channel.

Your question could be in our next podcast! Leave your questions in the comments and it could appear in our next Planet Nexus Podcast!

1:50 Podcast Shout-Outs
3:41 WildStar News
9:50 Dungeon Discussion
17:15 Stormtalon's Lair Discussion
20:29 Telegraphs in Dungeons
22:51 PvP Only Stats Debate
37:47 Crimson Isle and the "Undiscovered" Humanoid
43:06 Viewer Questions