May 16, 2013

Introducing New WildStar Features: Mentoring and Rallying

Over the next several days, we'll be highlighting some of the new features revealed in the latest WildStar beta patch notes. Two such features are Mentoring and Rallying.

The Traditional  Problem
MMO's have traditionally had a problem: separation. When I began playing my first MMO, my brother was already level 51 in the game we were playing. In order for us to be able to play together, he had to create a new character and start over. The reason for this is because if he were to join me with his level 51 character, it would trivialize the game for both of us. He would have been far too powerful for the content we were trying to do and it would have significantly reduced the amount of XP my character would gain.  WildStar addresses the problem of separation in it's latest patch notes.

Mentoring is a feature that is not new with WildStar. It allows a higher level player to temporarily 'downlevel' to play with friends. The player retains all of their attained skills, but all attributes are scaled down to the appropriate strength for the level chosen. This means that the higher level player will be more powerful, but not trivialize the experience of their lower level friends. In Wildstar, in order to Mentor down, the higher level player must be within group range of the lower level player and type "/mentor".

Mentoring means you don't have to re-roll to play with your friends that are new to Wildstar
Rallying is a WildStar system that will automatically scale a player's attributes to the intended level of the content (i.e., dungeons or battlegrounds). For example: when a player enters a battleground, their stats are scaled up to the max level of their particular tier (i.e., a level 3 player would be scaled up to level 10). The lower level player wouldn't have all of the skills that a higher level player would have, but would have scaled up attributes in order to compete.

WildStar will also feature Rallying for dungeons as well. This means players will be able to experience dungeons at their intended level. This possibly means if a player enters, for example, Stormtalon's Lair at level 17 (the minimum level allowed in), they will be Rallied up to the appropriate level for the content (i.e., level 20)*. This will allow more players to be able to enjoy the content and not be at a serious disadvantage. If this is possible, the player will not quite as powerful as a true level 20, the player will be better able to handle the content.

Mentoring and Rallying allow for WildStar to allow more players to enjoy content together, and in an MMO, this is a good thing!

*NOTE: According to the M31 patch notes, for PvE dungeons Rallying will allow players to 'downlevel' to the appropriate dungeon level even if they've far out-leveled the range of the dungeon. There is no 'official' word on up-leveling in PvE at this point so it's possible that rallying only affects downleveling in those cases. Obviously, we will adjust this article once more is confirmed.

FOUND IT: I've found where I had heard about 'upleveling' in PvE. From Jeremy Gaffney's interview with he stated:
 Discover Kel Voreth at 15, but don’t want to wait until 20 to do it?  Rally up!  It’ll be tougher for you, but you can at least do the thing.
So it is confirmed that Rallying works in PvE for both Up and Down leveling.