May 25, 2013

Hey, it's a WildStar Advertisement! Marketing Push Imminent?

WILDSTAR: THE MMO WITH ATTITUDE! That's what readers saw upon visiting PCGamer and IGN in the last few days. Both gaming sites have recently featured full-page WildStar advertising along with smaller animated ads. This is the first I've noticed outside of convention footage, interviews etc.

It's not known if Carbine's original plan was to begin marketing this early or if they suddenly realized that they struck gold with the new Paths videos and had to show the world. Regardless of what this means for the progress of the game, it's nice to see that the Carbine crew is proud of their product and willing to show it off. 

Here is an animated GIF of one of the ads:

This is the full page ad viewers saw on both PCGamer and IGN. I'm sure there is more to come!