Apr 9, 2013

Planet Nexus Podcast - Episode 7: Econ Explosion

In our last podcast, we mentioned that we wanted to try to add some more video content, so we're thrilled to say that in addition to the audio version of the PNP, we're also adding a video version as well on YouTube. 

This week, we spend most of the cast talking about WildStar crafting, specifically about the Circuit Board Crafting System. (CBC). We also touch on arena PvP and LFG tools as well. Enjoy!

Show Notes (Times are approximate)
1:10 WildStar Arena PvP
2:47 Respawns in WildStar Arenas
4:25 Limited Action Sets in WildStar Arenas
6:42 LFG Tool in WildStar
12:35 Econ (Circuit Board Crafting)
13:45 Schematics
15:40 CBC Breakdown (article)
20:26 Socket Specific and Random Microchips
28:42 This week's #WSuplink: What do you enjoy about tradeskills?
29:47 Frustrations in crafting (www.settlerinexile.com article about crafting)
33:14 Roleplaying discussin on embracing failure "Is your character too perfect?" (article)