Mar 26, 2013

Comparison Chart of WildStar Classes (so far!)

Jay (aka Cedworth) has put together a simple and handy visual guide to WildStar classes (well, the one's we know so far!) He writes:
I thought I'd try to make a contribution to the site other than my dulcid tones on the Planet Nexus Podcast. 
One of the first things I want to know when I'm checking out a new MMORPG is, what are the classes like?  For instance, what jobs are available for whom, what kind of equipment do each of them use, and what's the general flavor of the class? 
While we don't know a whole lot about the classes in WildStar yet, I put together some of the things that we DO know in an easy to digest chart to allow people new to WildStar to make some comparisons and maybe figure out what appeals to them.
Click to Enlarge
Stay tuned because later in the week Jay will be doing some speculation on what he thinks the two unannounced classes might be!