Apr 18, 2014

Bonus! WildStar Weekend gets an extra day!

Sad that the weekend beta only lasts three days? Be sad no longer! According to Scooter's post on the official forums, this weekend's beta will be extended an extra day and will last until 11:59PM Pacific on Monday.

Thank you Carbine!

Source: Official Forums 

Have a great WildStar weekend everybody!

At the time I'm posting this, we're just under an hour before the beta server switches to on. It's exciting to see so many people preparing to try WildStar for the first time.

If you still do not have access, there are still some sites giving keys away. You can find our list of them here. Or you could just go ahead and pre-order and take advantage of the cool goodies Carbine is including with the game.

If you're new to WildStar, be sure to check out our GUIDES page which is filled with lots of great helps/hints that can get you started in the right direction. WildStar can be a bit overwhelming at first, so hopefully we can help you get your mind wrapped around all the great features and content the game has to offer.

I'll be working for most of the weekend, so sadly I won't be on much this weekend but feel free to say hi to me in game. Most of the time I'll be on the Nexus server playing my main character "Arawulf". Fee free to add me as a friend and hopefully I can run a dungeon or two with some of you before the weekend is over.

Enjoy the weekend everybody!

Mike aka Arawulf

Apr 17, 2014

WildStar Update: New patch adds another coat of polish before this weekend's beta

At the time of this posting we're only about 11 hours away from the weekend beta, and the folks at Carbine are hard at work improving the game.

Scooter took to the official forums to post the latest set of patch notes. Here they are in their entirety:

BUILD 6637 PATCH NOTES - 4/17/14

Note: Some of these bugs were introduced with last week's UI 2.0 patch, so it's possible these bugs were never visible to players in the first place. Still... enjoy all these fixes this weekend!
  • In the Combat Log, fall damage should now properly differentiate between group members and the player.
  • When being disconnected for inactivity, players will be returned to the login screen.
  • Account-wide friends should once again show up properly.
  • Fixed an issue where instances were sometimes erroneously reporting themselves as full, preventing players from entering.
  • Fixed an issue where disconnecting immediately after changing zones cause strange behavior when a player next logged in.
  • Fixed a problem which prevented players from creating account-level friendships during their very first play session.

Check out the full notes after the jump!

Apr 16, 2014

Planet Nexus Cast #33: Total PAXisfaction!

Greetings star travelers! We're back this week for our latest installment of the Planet Nexus Cast. This week we're covering some of the latest WildStar News, Arawulf chats with Anhrez about his trip to PAX East and tons more! Buckle up, enjoy the ride and NOBODY TOUCH ANYTHING!

PAX East Mega Recap
Warplots Reveal

A Closer Look at Warplots with PvP Lead Jen Gordy

It's a massive understatement to say that Carbine pulled the curtain back on Warplots this week! On Saturday, during PAX East, I was honored to be invited into a private area for an in-depth Warplot presentation by WildStar PvP Lead Jen Gordy assisted by PvP Designer, Kevin Lee.

At the outset, Jen stated that her goal for this event was to explain three key things about Warplots:
  • What is a Warparty and how do you make one?
  • What is a Warplot and how do you build one?
  • How does a Warplot match work?
Then we were shown the brand new Warplots Flick:

Jen explained that Warplots are WildStar's 40 vs. 40 PvP feature for level 50 players. Each team starts with a customizable fortress that they can upgrade using a currency called War Coins. War Coins are earned through participating in Warplot matches, achieving victory, killing players and disabling enemy structures.

Victory is achieved by either invading the enemy Warplot and destroying their generators or through killing players and disabling structures. At the conclusion of the match, both teams are rewarded with Loot Bags, Prestige and Elder Gems.

More pics and details after the jump!

Come get your key, Cupcake! Complete List of WildStar Weekend Beta Giveaways

More keys? Yep! Sure, I had great fun yesterday giving away some weekend beta keys to our social network followers. The handful I distributed is small potatoes compared to what's available for this weekend's beta. Curious about UI 2.0? Want to check out the new body customization options? Still on the fence about pre-ordering? Well, check out the gigantic list of sites below that are all offering beta keys for this weekend (April 18-20).

The WildStar community team posted this list on the official forums along with a disclaimer:
Please make sure to get a code from your account's region. If you receive a "Code Unusable" error when trying to apply a code it means you are trying to use a code from a region different to your account. More information can be found here.
So grab your key and start patching, cupcake!

Full list after the jump

Apr 15, 2014

Live Battleground Demo with Developer Commentary (Exclusive)

I had the privilege of being at the WildStar booth while Jen Gordy (PvP Lead), David Bass (Community Lead) and Tony Rey (Community Manager) invited fans to play a live demo of the battleground "Walatiki Temple". Alec was the Chua Spellslinger in the video and told me afterward that he did not previously enjoy PvP, but WildStar has won him over. I also found out that Alec helps out over at another WildStar fansite, Hidden Arena. Small world!